Dear Friend,

I am excited about a tremendous door of opportunity opened to us in Peru, South America. Many will remember that twice Victory Baptist Press has shipped a container of approximately 25,000 Spanish Bibles to missionary Don Rich in Cajamarca, Peru. Bro. Rich acted as the director of the distribution center there, distributing Bibles to pastors and missionaries in seven of the nine Spanish speaking countries of South America. Now, in light of the great need for Spanish Bibles in those countries and the opportunity for Bro. Rich to get them into the hands of those who need them most, the Lord has laid it on our hearts to form an official partnership with Bro. Rich called Bibles For South America (BFSA).

BFSA’s continuous goal will be to print, ship and distribute Spanish Bibles to pastors and missionaries in all nine of those Spanish speaking countries.

So how can you join in this partnership to put Bibles in the hands of thousands who otherwise would probably never even see one, much less be able to afford it?

  • Pray.
    • Pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of his people to give. The need is great, but our God is greater.
    • Pray for the workers of BFSA: for those involved in the printing of the Bibles and for Bro. Rich and his helpers as they distribute these Scriptures all over South America.
    • Pray for the people who will receive God’s word. Some of these are churches where the pastor is the only person with a Bible. Grown men have cried as they received that precious book for the first time.
    • Pray that many who have lived all their lives without hope will hear the glorious gospel of Christ, maybe for the first time, and come to know Him as their personal Lord and Saviour.
  • Consider taking BFSA on for monthly support.
    • If you already support Victory Baptist Press, thank you, and please continue that support. We must keep the shop open and the presses running, but will you also consider making BFSA a part of your mission program? Just $20, given each month by 270 supporters, will be enough to send an average of 2,000 Bibles per month, or 25,000 annually to South America.

Make support checks to Bibles For South America, or just BFSA and mail them to PO Box 766, Milton, FL 32572.

If you have questions or would like for someone to come and present BFSA to your church, give me a call at 850-384-4402 or email me at

Thank you for considering BFSA,
Evangelist Jim Fellure